“Parkash was my co-coach during our Teach Mindfulness course. I have learned tremendously from his valuable insights in our class and sessions together. His commitment on the importance and cultivation of mindfulness as a way of life, was further enhanced in me, professionally and as a human being.”

Margarita Reyes
Facilitator, The Conflict Resolution Group
Mediator, National Center for Mediation


“Spiritual coaching equals to years of healing therapy coupled with yoga and mind over matter control in one. With Dr. Parkash, the self becomes insightful — euphoric even. Truly, the finest gift you could give yourself is yourself.”

John Climatoria
Davao City, Philippines

mj crave

“We had a free workshop with Parkash and it really helped me! I was enlightened. It really changed how my brain works now; to have that balance in between on-the -go and just being live in the moment. AWESOME!”

MJ Crave
Former Nurse Trainee
Southern Philippines Medical Center (DMC)
Studied Nursing Management and
Leadership at University of the Visayas


“Mindfulness helps me find myself again specially in rough times I feel preoccupied about the thoughts running inside my head. I may not be able to live a very mindful life but as I progress along the practice of being mindful of the present moment I am able to pick up myself (more quicker this time) from getting down or confused than I had before.”

Hiyas Salazar
Traveling English Teacher, Spiritual Enthusiast
Constant Student, wannabe Writer

“It is inspiring to hear Dr. Parkash T. Mansukhani, an expert pulmonologist, talk about integrative medicine and mindfulness and advocate on the importance of caring for the soul and caring for the body as a holistic approach to wellness.”

Arlene A. Lozano
Member, Board of Trustees
Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University Philippine Foundation, Inc

“Dr. Parkash Mansukhani is a multi-awarded pulmonologist based in Davao City and continues to be a blessing to his family and all of us. He has completed various trainings in complementary, alternative and integrative medicine as well as mindfulness. I highly recommend him to be your health partner who will provide you with what you need through a holistic approach to health care.”

Vilma A. Gorgonia, MD, FPCCP
PCCP Council on Health and Integrative Medicine (CHIMe)