Dr. Parkash Mansukhani I am Parkash Mansukhani, an internist and pulmonologist based in Davao City, Philippines who practiced intensive care medicine for 26 years, dealing with people who are already ill, with little room for helping people at a more essential level.

I have been a lacto-vegetarian for 33 years, practicing bhakti yoga for 26 years and have attended conferences, workshops, retreats and trainings related to happiness, well being and mindfulness.

A spark of insight hit me when my wife pointed out that it is most probably time to start sharing what I have learned.

Being grateful for having been given the opportunity, I feel personally called upon to share what I have learned, while reinventing myself and constantly striving to do better.

My aim is to improve the health and well being of individuals by providing them with skills to decrease stress, increase happiness and productivity.

Facilitating the Davao City Coalition Against Tuberculosis Stregthening and Capability Training 3

I do this by giving talks and conducting workshops which incorporate insights in health and wellbeing, western medicine, integrative medicine, mind-body-spirit medicine, positive psychology, mindfulness and spirituality.

Being a physician who practices evidence based medicine puts me in a position to identify strategies which have been proven to be effective.

While my talks and workshops have didactic segments, more importantly, they are experiential and share simple strategies that are easy to apply in daily life.

If at this juncture in your life, you feel called upon to decrease your level of stress and increase your sense of meaning, wellbeing, happiness, work performance and productivity, then allow me to partner with you in this magnificent journey called life.